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alain deymier, born in 1952 in orange, france.
cinema director and photographer.
renown photographer, alain deymier has travelled the world through numbers of exhibitions, presented as intimate travel notebooks, motivated by a contemporary quest for aesthetic and poetry.
in 2008, he decides to dedicate himself exclusively to production and cinematographic direction. he shoots and produces the short movies air, birds and the fan in shanghai (china), then, while travelling, shoots successively teresa (uruguay, 2009) and the red curtains (argentina and uruguay, 2010), a long feature that will end as a medium length film due to the crash of his helicopter on set.
in 2011, alain deymier seizes the opportunity to follow the spanish national dance company in it’s last few representations at the bolshoi theatre in moscow, with nacho duato, the famous dancer and choreographer, as its director. this documentary, nacho duato, danse la danse, will be rewarded internationally, and be a tipping point in alain deymier’s career as a director.
in 2013, he directs and produces blue, last days of ibiza, a long feature starring silke, nathalie corré, eusebio poncela and eric francès, movie which, up to this day, is still being presented in movie festivals around the world.
in 2014, he shoots and produces again in argentina and uruguay, the short movies the dream machine and la plage; and in 2016, he directs rue du bazar saint laurent in pondicherry (india).
since june 2014, alain deymier is working on his next long feature, which is set to be shot in 2017.
alain deymier has lived and worked in ibiza, spain, since 20 years.

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